Multiple Jobs at Peugeot Kenya – May 2024


Marketing Manager

About the job

  • We are looking for an innovative, and forward-thinking individual with a dynamic approach to marketing, PR, and Communications. The ideal candidate exhibits strong communication, analytical and organisational abilities. We are seeking a talented individual who thrives as an independent thinker, capable of executing tasks with minimal supervision. With unparalleled attention to detail, they consistently deliver meticulously executed work, demonstrating resourcefulness and analytical prowess in optimising strategies. They are an effective communicator, with the ability to convey complex ideas with clarity and precision. The ideal candidate is proactive and committed to excellence, capable of delivering projects on time and within scope.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Set marketing goals and objectives to boost market share and profitability.
  • Develop and implement initiatives to increase brand recognition and awareness.
  • Coordinate branding efforts across various touchpoints, including advertising, promotions, and customer interactions.
  • Monitor and evaluate brand visibility metrics to assess the effectiveness of branding strategies and make adjustments as needed.
  • Cultivate brand visibility strategies to enhance the dealership’s presence and reputation in the market.
  • Plan and oversee advertising and promotional initiatives across diverse media platforms, including print, electronic, and direct mail channels.
  • Develop and implement comprehensive monthly and annual marketing budgets.
  • Formulate short-term and long-term marketing plans to drive profit growth and expand the dealership’s product and service offerings.
  • Act as the primary point of contact with external advertising agencies to coordinate ongoing campaigns effectively.
  • Develop, implement, and oversee engaging content across various social media platforms; platforms, enhance brand visibility and drive audience engagement.
  • Conceptualise and produce various advertising materials, encompassing print, radio, television commercials, billboards, and direct mail pieces, among others.
  • Collaborate closely with the Sales Manager and Aftersales Manager on advertising campaigns.
  • Communicate marketing information to all dealership staff members.
  • Serve as a liaison between the dealership and the news media, as well as with manufacturers regarding merchandising initiatives.
  • Attend relevant marketing and sales promotion meetings organised by the manufacturer and dealer associations.
  • Ensure the attainment of satisfactory profit/loss ratios and market performance metrics.
  • Conduct thorough research and analysis of financial, technological, and demographic factors to identify market opportunities and mitigate competitive threats.
  • Gather insights into customer attitudes, demographics, and purchasing behaviours through ongoing communication with dealership employees and customers.
  • Assess market responses to advertising programs and merchandising strategies.
  • Leverage industry sources and consumer data to inform organizational decision-making and enhance performance.
  • Prepare comprehensive marketing reports and deliver presentations to management.
  • Develop surveys and other marketing instruments to gather feedback from stakeholders.
  • Monitor marketing outcomes to ensure alignment with objectives and budgetary constraints, implementing corrective measures as necessary.
  • Participate in monthly managers meetings, offering insights and presenting reports as required.
  • Undertake any additional duties as assigned by the immediate supervisor.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Management, Marketing /PR and Communication and any other related field from a recognised university.
  • Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM).


  • 6 -10 years of work experience in a senior marketing role in the service, automotive or capital assets industries, including agency experience.

Language Skills

  • Proficient in reading and understanding various documents, instructions, and memos.
  • Skilled in writing professional correspondence, routine reports, speeches, and articles.
  • Capable of presenting information effectively to individuals, small groups, and larger audiences.
  • Able to interpret a wide range of documents including business periodicals, technical journals, and legal papers.
  • Competent in responding to inquiries, complaints, and regulatory issues.
  • Experienced in tailoring speeches and articles to specific audiences and conforming to prescribed styles.
  • Accomplished in presenting information to top management, public groups, and boards of directors.

Analytical skills

  • Thinks creatively and follows detailed instructions.
  • Solves problems within standardised situations involving concrete variables.
  • Skilled in solving practical problems with limited standardization.
  • Ability to interpret various instructions provided in written, oral, or diagrammatic forms.
  • Competent in problem definition, data collection, and drawing valid conclusions.
  • Proficient in interpreting technical instructions with abstract and concrete variables.
  • Demonstrates sensitivity and tolerance towards cultural, religious, racial, and gender diversity.
  • Discreet in handling sensitive and confidential matters.
  • Proficient execution of communication processes in knowledge management.
  • The successful candidate will work closely with Sales, After-sales, and other related departments to ensure a cohesive approach to serving customers and achieving business objectives.

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Aftersales Manager

  • We are looking for a self-motivated and proactive individual who is highly devoted to driving business growth. This position requires a strong emphasis on business development, with a focus on increasing sales volume and profitability, specifically through after-sales activity. The ideal candidate will have a proven track record of achieving sustainable development by meeting sales and management objectives, including targets for turnover and profitability. They should prioritise maintaining customer loyalty to ensure long-term success.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Maintain and increase the turnover and profitability of the After-Sales business.
  • Develop sales promotions suited to the local market (integrating the Agent Network) to win customers and build loyalty.
  • Satisfy the customers by providing service which meets both their needs and the relevant standards.
  • Implement the Brand’s set-price deals in line with local sales operations.
  • Observe and monitor competition in the local maintenance and repair market.
  • Create development plans; forecasting sales targets and growth projections.
  • Identify potential market opportunities by attending meetings, networking events, and exploring other relevant channels.
  • Establish relationships with potential partners to expand nationwide distribution.
  • Unlock new avenues for growth by diligently researching organisations and individuals to uncover business prospects.
  • Forge impactful connections and cultivate positive relationships with both current and prospective clients, fostering trust and loyalty that drive business success.
  • Explore untapped markets and cultivate strategic trade channels and partnerships to boost sales growth.
  • Collaborate with different departments within the organisation to craft impactful sales and marketing strategies.
  • Develop detailed financial projections and set clear sales targets.
  • Ensure fulfilment of responsibilities within the framework of delegated authority, with a specific emphasis on compliance with company regulations (such as safety, working conditions, and discipline) as well as legal and contractual obligations
  • Conduct analyses and implement strategies to elevate the service centre’s reputation and increase its competitiveness.
  • Manage relationships with the brand and key market stakeholders such as suppliers and insurers.
  • Oversee the department’s Quality Management System to ensure standards are upheld.
  • Maintain strong work relationships and an efficient team environment through active engagement (treat team members fairly, ensure that best working practices and company rules are complied with, foster social cohesion within the group and keep team members informed.)
  • Oversee personnel management tasks such as disciplinary actions, conflict resolution, and career development. Define remuneration systems and monitor salaries in alignment with management directives.
  • Ensure full compliance with legal, regulatory, and contractual obligations for both employers and employees, including attendance tracking, adherence to company rules, holiday management, monitoring working hours, and ensuring health and safety measures are implemented effectively.
  • Coordinate equipment maintenance activities and manage related accounting and physical inventory tasks.
  • Ensure that validity and benchmarking inspections are carried out – Define investment plans and monitor maintenance of equipment and tools, including IT tools.
  • See that the workshop is clean and tidy, that the premises are well maintained and that work clothes are properly managed.
  • Ensure that safety regulations and relevant legislation are complied with in the workshop.


  • Must have a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from a reputable learning institution.
  • Must have a second degree in a business-related course, or a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA).


  • 7-10 years of dedicated work experience within the automotive industry, showcasing a deep understanding of its dynamics.
  • Strong background in production, workshop, or industrial operations, with proven hands-on experience.
  • Demonstrates innovation in problem-solving and process improvement.
  • Exceptional communication skills paired with fluency in IT tools.
  • Competent in managing complex projects, adept at multitasking effectively.
  • Exhibits excellent organisational abilities, ensuring smooth workflow and task prioritisation.
  • Excels in autonomy, confidently navigating through uncertainty with resilience and composure.
  • Highly proficient in utilising Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint for seamless task execution and presentation.

Submit Your Application

All applicants are required to share a copy of their CV and Cover Letter through the following email address:

Submission Deadline: 31st May 2024