Product Manager at Kuunda 3D – May 2024


Product Manager


We are looking for an experienced Product Manager based in Nairobi, Kenya. The successful candidate needs to be passionate about building & growing products for the unbanked segment of the population. Overview of the role:

  • Relationship Management with Partners
  • Product Benchmarks & Research
  • Product Definition of Product Specification with partners
  • Project Management for Product Launch from design to go live
  • Product Growth (design, frameworks, experiments, analysis) to provide the implementation to the teams to implement operationally with oversight from a shared services growth specialist
  • Manage daily operations to operate the products
  • Innovation & experimentation

In this role, you will be responsible for:

Identifying product needs: 

  • Conduct discussions with partner to underst& needs & user’s needs re product specifications
  • Conduct market research on existing products within our partners’ eco-system & identify potential gaps

Existing Product launches: 

  • Objective: Capacity to deliver & support 6-8 product partners.
  • Product representative: In charge of presenting & representing products to potential partner. Explain different products currently have & detailed rules of how they work
  • Market & consumer understanding – Collect qualitative & quantitative data from internal & publicly available external sources to gain market & consumer understanding. Money is incorporated differently within cultures & segments of population, need to understand these differences
  • Benchmark other products: Conduct benchmarking of digital & non-digital products, formal & informal products used by potential users & understand which attributes are missing. Benchmark different prices of products
  • Understand partners’ ecosystem & priorities: Understand partner’s priorities & define products aligned to priorities. Position product to prioritise within their roadmap. Listen & understand partner’s ecosystem: the payments rails, the stakeholders, the processes, the margins, the incentives, the barriers & pain points, etc.
  • Propose product rules & revise for enhancement: Propose rules which define product & define process for disbursements & repayments. Revise after launch.
  • Understanding underlying risk: Work with scoring team & commercials to explain product & highlight risks & take into account in design, pricing & commercials of product.
  • Propose pricing: Propose pricing range ensuring product is financially sustainable for all parties & ensuring revenue accretive for borrower. Understand economics of user & direct & indirect costs, propose pricing & rules which reduce risks of over-indebtedness
  • Support Business Case & Commercials: Collect & input all data required to have holistic view of business case
  • Propose UX/UI: Products are fully embedded into partner’s journey, no direct front-end with customer. Understand partner’s UX/UI & propose a user journey for products which will fit into their existing journey
  • Document & training: Draft product specifications & documentations relating to product & train internal & external teams
  • Support in defining end-to-end flows: End-to-end flows define how systems integrate. IT team will define flows & need support to explain the product in detail & review flows with partners

Product Growth 

  • Objective: Create campaigns to grow active user base & usage of product with ambitious targets
  • Growth: Propose variety of tools, campaigns, frameworks & tests to operational team & partners to grow products & whether these tools will be implemented by partner itself or by Kuunda
  • Growth Test: Define A/B test on current active base, analyse results & propose ways to grow active user base to increase usage & cross-usage of other products

Project Management: 

  • Manage end-to-end launch of products with support of project managers & other support teams

Operation Management: 

  • Ensure daily operations are in place & aligned with operational support teams
  • Ensure all processes relating to product are drafted & implemented

Innovation & experimentation. 

  • Testing features: Propose & test new features once product is live
  • New concepts: Innovate new product or service concepts useful to users & collaborate on long-term product roadmap. Create high-level business case for new concepts & technical feasibility



  • A candidate with 8-10 years experience working as a product manager in Banking, MicroFinance and/or Mobile Money
  • Relevant degree, or other product management related diploma with relevant industry and business experience
  • Experience of product development in the Kenyan fintech sector essential
  • Experience of product development in micro-credit an advantage


  • Extrovert: Interact with a lot of external & internal stakeholders & enjoy spending time with them
  • “Doer”: Willingness to roll up one’s sleeves to get the job done
  • Attention to detail: Need to be able to identify relevant details & dismiss irrelevant ones in order to ensure no loophole is created.


  • Problem solver: Strong problem-solving skills
  • Listener: Ability to listen to partners & potential users & relate to needs without biases
  • Genuine interest in economics of informal market: Ability to take time to understand the economics
  • Quantitative & Qualitative analysis: Ability to analyse & interpret quantitative & qualitative data.
  • UX/UI: Ability to propose UX/UI journeys on Figma or Adobe XD
  • Growth: Ability to understand current growth barriers & propose solutions
  • Cross-function: Proven ability to work with technical team to translate functional requirements into technical requirements.
  • Communication: Excellent written & verbal communication skills
  • Ability to influence: Proven ability to create buy-in for product vision both internally & with key external partners

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